Who We Are

We are your single source recycler offering solutions that are simple and convenient to implement. We understand the growing needs of our industry and the ever changing regulatory environment. Our service is reliable because we value our strong and secure partnerships, and have a professional and motivated team. Our business is growing as a result of our ever growing customer community and we strive to service our customers better.

What We Do

We improve safety, decrease product damage, enhance quality and find ways to reduce pallet expense for your customers. We find solutions for all your issues. Contact us to get started.

Pallet Recycling

We make a point to do our part as a business. We at Pallet Solutions believe that the retrieval, repair and reuse of the Earths natural products are the cornerstone of environmental awareness and we take great pride in that.

Pallet Removal

We provide a solution for your pallet removal needs to silmply give you one less thing to worry about.

New and Custom-sized Pallets

We offer a wide range of new pallets and skids to satisfy your specific need. With our customers in mind we do our best to provide the best option for our clients.


Have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
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